What often contributes to the misdiagnosis of an ocular issue or medications being applied to the wrong eye, is the concept of seeing our pet’s eyes as a reflection when we look directly at them. Imagine facing your pet and looking them right in the eyes. Some think that their pet’s eyes are exactly the same as theirs – the eye on the same side of the face as their own right eye must also be their pet’s right eye. That’s incorrect. Their own right eye is always the right eye just like their own left eye is always the left eye.

We must remember when looking at our pet’s face to face, that they reflect us (albeit not a mirror reflection) so what we perceive as our right eye, is actually their left eye and vice versa. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll clear it up.

The easiest way to ensure you’re talking about the correct eye is by imagining you are posing for a picture with your pet so that you’re both facing the camera. Or that you’re on a walk with them, both walking and facing forward. When you’re both facing the same direction (i.e. noses pointed in the same direction), what you would refer to as your right or left eye, would be the same for them. Easy.

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So next time you’re questioning which eye is red, or which eye you’re supposed to apply drops to, just pull out your phone and take a selfie with them – get a cute pic while also making sure you’re talking about the right eye.

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